The Síoraí Legacy

In Irish Gaelic, Síoraí means eternal, and that’s the premises behind the Síoraí Legacy which begins in 500 B.C. Alba – Neolithic Scotland where the gods of the Tuatha De Danann have imprisoned their Fomorian enemy, Ághmach, and his Vampryss succubus, Deidra. An ancient Oracle foresees her escape and centuries into the future and warns the gods to prepare for her return.

The gods must choose four guardians who will protect mankind from Deidra’s vengeance. If they don’t stop her, she will wreak havoc onto the world and release Ághmach from his prison in the underworld. If Deidra is successful in releasing Ághmach, vampires will rule the world.

Book I: Fallon’s Story Can an immortal rebel guardian and spiritualist accept their love and join forces in time to save the world from an evil Vampryss? Golden Rose Best Paranormal of 2011
Book II: Cameron’s Story A deepening hunger between an immortal warrior and a distrusting witch amongst a maelstrom of unspeakable evil.
Book III: Cahira’s Story Is a forbidden love between an immortal warrior and a police detective strong enough to save a gifted child from an embryonic evil?